Communication is Important Between Ancillary Services and the Physician’s Office

ancillary servicesWhen a physician uses Select OrthoDME in their office it not only assists in generating revenues for the physician’s practice, but it is also a great convenience for the patients.  The patient can receive the items they need without having to go to outside resources and all payments are handled through the physician’s office.

In order for this system to work smoothly there must be open and clear communications between the physician and Select OrthoDME. Here is a case study of why communication is so important:

“Select OrthoDME was recently audited by ZPIC (A Medicare division).  During the audit one claim was flagged for denial because a patient received an ankle brace and a lumbar sacral brace.   Select OrthoDME was able to overturn the denial because we had a clearly stated order, a solid diagnosis for both items, a well documented clinic note, a detailed written order with a clear HCPCS, product manufacturer, and part number.”

Select OrthoDME is the expert on the medical items we carry and must work closely with the doctor to verify that all paperwork is completed and filled out clearly so if there is an audit down the road, all paperwork is in order.  This is especially important when more than one device is required.