Ancillary Services Help Physicians Stay Focused on What’s Most Important



ancillary servicesIt is an undisputed fact that doctors are highly committed to the care of their patients. It is for this reason that so much time and money is invested by conscientious doctors in staying as up-to-date as possible with the latest treatments, techniques and developments in the field of medicine. It is also a fact, however, that this dedication to improvement, combined with the hectic day-to-day routine of running a practice and caring for patients, can make it more difficult for doctors to stay abreast of the most recent advances in patient aftercare. This is where ancillary services become invaluable.

It is a common misconception amongst the medical profession that ancillary service providers are all about the bottom line. That the integration of ancillary services would somehow lessen the integrity of the medical practice, as they push cheaper, inferior products that will give them greater profit but that are not in the best interests of the patient. A doctor would want to have confidence that the ancillary services they are aligning their practice with would share their integrity and vision for the practice.

Select OrthoDME  is an ancillary service provider committed to building lasting relationships with medical practices; relationships that are profitable for both parties, while ensuring that the number one focus is still to provide excellent patient aftercare. They do this in several mutually beneficial ways:

  • Medical policies and procedures are monitored to remain current. This ensures practices are offered the peace of mind that data analysis, coding (PDAC) rules and pricing regulations are strictly adhered to and that all state/federal protocols are met.
  • Select OrthoDME recruits, hires, trains, supervises, and re-educates their staff to perform all functions of the ancillary program on behalf of the providers. This includes assessing, educating and providing follow-up services to patients receiving in-house care.
  • Supervision of all reimbursement services are monitored, with charges pre-authorized, payments deposited daily and insurance claims tracked.

In short, doctors receive a steady stream of revenue into their practice, while having confidence that their patients are receiving the best possible aftercare. They also save costs by not having to employ expensive lawyers to ensure legal compliance is being maintained. Patients benefit by being presented with an image of efficiency and professionalism, instilling confidence that they truly are one of their doctors’ top priorities.

Naturally, diligent doctors would still have many questions about the nuances of ancillary services. Select OrthoDME  are available to answer any queries; whether that is a quick overview of the options available, or an in-depth presentation tailored to a specific medical practice.