How can physicians increase their revenue without sacrificing lifestyle or running afoul of government regulation?


Ancillary Revenue for Physicians

Ancillary Revenue for Physicians

In the new medical world dominated by managed care, it is becoming increasingly difficult for physicians to maintain an adequate level of compensation. Physicians are working more hours than in the past and realizing less revenue for their efforts. Surgeons are seeing more patients and performing more procedures. But the only thing physicians have to show for it is less time for themselves, their families and their friends.

A physician can work only a finite number of hours and a surgeon can operate on only a finite number of patients. The rational way to increase revenues is to identify revenue streams that do not involve an inordinate amount of incremental time on the part of the physician. Ancillary services can assist the physician in his ultimate goal of providing quality medical care while producing a profit for his efforts.

Physicians see the opportunities that exist in ancillary services, but have become wary of taking creative entrepreneurial steps in light of current legislation and regulation such as Stark. The Stark laws serve an important purpose, addressing issues of abuse in the medical delivery system. But physicians, who find no greater joy than turning a profit on a well thought-out and properly executed idea, can feel confident partnering with Select OrthoDME for our well-structured program of revenue-generating systems.

Solutions and Benefits

We form turn-key partnerships for orthopedic products to increase a practice’s Ancillary Revenue of DMEPOS.

Since we are vendor-neutral, each practice that we partner with can choose orthopedic bracing that best fits their specialty. Practices are also able to use their logo on the bracing instead of the manufacturer’s label. This allows for better branding of your practice in the community.

Select OrthoDME is committed to providing DMEPOS ancillary medical services to busy physicians who need to increase practice revenue and deliver enhanced patient care. With declining Medicare and private insurance reimbursements, the cost of delivering patient care is shifting to the physician. As a result, many physicians find they are making less money and working longer hours.

Increase Revenues without Increasing Your Hours

To increase practice revenue, many physicians think their only choices are to see more patients or work more hours. With Select OrthoDME there is a better way.

Select OrthoDME offers clinically viable, highly reimbursable orthotic bracing services to help physicians boost cash flow which enables them to provide more services to the patients they already see without increasing their workload. The result is happy, healthy patients and a stronger bottom line.

Every system is designed around Better Patient Care and Driving Revenue to Your Bottom Line.