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Turn-Key DME Solution to Orthopedic Practices

Turn-Key DME Solution to Orthopedic Practices

Would you like to increase your practice’s revenue without additional work or supervising more staff?

Select OrthoDME has developed a turn-key DMEPOS solution geared towards orthopedic, pain management, and sports medicine practices. Our program will allow you, the practice manager or administrator, to provide the best quality of care for your patients, reduce overhead expenses, and increasing net profits within the first month.

If the proposed 25% reduction in Medicare reimbursement for 2011 had actually taken place, doctor’s overhead would have been much higher.  The result would have been catastrophic for many practices.  Despite this “near miss,” many practices are facing enormous challenges.

It use to be relatively easy for physicians to maintain their net income by seeing more patients and/or performing more surgeries.  Today, most medical providers are working as hard as they can, along with their staff to increase revenue.  Viable options include merging with other practices or employment by a hospital; however, these may not be attractive to the physician nor you as the practice manager or administrator.

Ancillary Services are the key to the future success of private practices.  Select OrthoDME provides a quality ancillary profit generating program that increases the practice’s cash flow while reducing overhead.  Our DMEPOS Program can significantly reduce your current overhead costs immediately and your aged accounts receivable will look amazing.  The challenges associated with the DMEPOS processes that are incurred such as prior authorizations, patient responsibility collections, charge entry and HCPCS code changes are eliminated with Select OrthoDME.  Our orthotic fitters are highly trained, educated, and work independently.

A medical practice can operate its own program but that requires your focused time and effort to manage successfully.  Another option is to partner with Select OrthoDME and allow us to run the entire program.

Select OrthoDME is unique because they are not vendor driven and this enables us to provide the best bracing equipment, supplies, and prosthetics (DMEPOS) to meet your patients’ needs.

Select OrthoDME presents a convenient one-stop-shop at your clinic for the patient by having a complete unlimited selection of DMEPOS available for patients who have immediate needs.  This service that we provide compliments the fine quality of care that patients receive from your medical practice.

Making your orthopedic office profitable through the addition of ancillary services.