Does Outsourcing Billing Make Sense For Your Practice?

Outsourcing your billing needs make perfect sense for increasing your net collection rate, but the question is which billing company is right for your practice? Searching for a company that offers everything you need to make your practice run smoothly is difficult, not to mention time consuming.

When it comes to processing your DME claims, Select Ortho DME offers an ancillary service that is easy for your practice to implement and does the billing for you. We have a reputation of providing practices with a high 95% net collection rate.

These are the pertinent questions you need to ask before you choose an outsourced medical billing company or ancillary service.

What experience do you and your billers have in the billing industry?

Medical billing requires extensive, working knowledge of ICD- 10 and other coding formats. Expert billers are aware of the changes that takes place, and are able to adapt to local, state, and federal billing requests.  As part of our ancillary DME service, our fitters are trained in the latest ICD9 and 10 coding formats.  Our focus is to code a claim correctly the first time to avoid future denials due to errors.

Does your company respect or acknowledge HIPPA compliant policies?

When it comes to protecting private medical information, we enforce and uphold HIPPA compliant laws. We understand that healthcare providers want and need to protect their patient’s information. We offer several layers of protection to ensure patient’s records are security filed away.  Compliance is a huge benefit for using Select Ortho DME.

What types of reports do you send to our practice?

We keep you updated with daily, monthly or quarterly reports. We send you a sample, so you can decide which type of report(s) will work best for your practice. Understanding what you need is the key to effectively managing your practice.

Will the company adjust their processes to fit my needs?

Change is not all bad. Some change is actually good. You may not need to reinvent your entire process system, but a little updating might be necessary.  The good news with Select Ortho DME is that there is no need to adjust your current processes.  Even though we take care of the billing of the DMEPOS under your code, our fitters manage that process, thus freeing your staff’s time and efforts.

Will my office be alerted when industry issues or problems arise?

Not every medical biller provider offer this type of service. However, we will keep you updated about regulatory and industry changes, so you will always know what is going on. In the billing industry changes are often implemented on a regular basis, by government agencies or insurance companies.  It is part of our service to remain in the forefront of potential changes and communicate with your practice.

What happens when my office help is not available?

At Select Ortho DME, we make sure that your practice receives the same high quality service every day, even if your staff is unavailable. Because we use our own fitters and bill for the patients we see, your staff is not necessary to manage this ancillary service.  Our services include the proper coding of claims, which no practice can function without.

Should I call for references?

Yes, you should always check out the company you want to do business with, just like you check the background of a new hire. Find out how long the company has been in business, and how much experience they have. At Select Ortho DME we do the hiring and vetting for qualified fitters, who are already experienced in medical coding claims.