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Want to increase bottom line profits for your practice?

Every practice has it's own patient population, volumes, and dispensing numbers. We can help you quickly and accurately project ancillary earnings of your DMEPOS.

State of Practice Location:

1. How many providers, on average, are at each location (site) per day?

2. How many patients, on average, are seen at each location (site) per day?

3. Do you have an active DMEPOS provider number for Medicare? YesNo

4. Do you have an active DMEPOS provider number for Medicaid? YesNo

Are you currently stocking Durable Medical Equipment,
Orthoses, and Supplies? YesNo

If YES, please answer the following questions:

a. What is the total current inventory dollar cost value?

b. What types and how many items, on average, are dispensed each day?

c. What are the total monthly revenues, on average, generated from dispensing DMEPOS?

d. What is the net collection rate from your DMEPOS program?

e. Do you dispense non-billable ("cash and carry") items and rental items from the office? YesNo

If Yes, please list them. Include how many of each HCPCS code, on average, are dispensed monthly?

Please provide the ANNUAL number for the following scenarios and surgeries:

Number of multi-level spinal cervical fusions (22552, 22554, 22600)

Number of multi-level spinal lumbar fusions (22558, 22610, 22612, 22614, 22630)

Total Hip Arthroplasty (27130)

Total Knee Arthroplasty (27447)

Non-union patients (733.82)

Metatarsal Fractures (825.25)

Scaphoid Fractures (814.01)

Tibia Fractures (823.20, 823.30, 823.40)

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